Novella Review: Rossums Universal Robots #robot #scifi

Rossums Universal Robots or R.U.R. for short is the undisputed origin of the term “robots”.

Host Body Review
The robots in it are however more akin to synthetic organic hominids. They are mostly created to do the work of others.  It holds many interesting predictions of what would happen with a society proliferated by such robot slaves, including events which may lead to their uprising, overthrow of their creators, and the aftermath.

Wikipedia has a good synopsis[1], and can get the full text in English[2].

Society Review

The robots are slaves to their human masters, typically simply doing everything their human masters desire,  until some smarter robots lead a revolution, and end up without the means of reproduction after overthrowing them.

One thing I found somewhat intriguing is that it predicts lower fertility rates for humans, which in fact has come to pass, as many of the areas with the most developed technology and automation have some of the lowest fertility rates, and as technology spreads fertility is projected to continue dropping.


Rossum’s Universl Robots is approximately 26 thousand words, or a 2 hour long read.
You can read it for free at


[1] Wikipedia on R.U.R
[2] R.U.R English ebook
[3] UN World Population Prospects

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