Movie Review: Robots (2015) #robot #scifi

Robots to avoid obsolesence rise up to regain the manufacture of spare parts.


I watched it with my son, I think it is a wonderful father son movie, — had some teary moments — though can be good for the whole family.

Host Body Review

One of the more realistic hollywood movies, where the majority of robots need a steady supply of spare parts to survive. This is similar to how water-based hodies such as those of homo-sapiens need protein or amino acids as body building blocks in order to survive.

The bodies depicted in the movie however are otherwise highly modular, with the heads and bodies capable of nearly autonomous operation. Also there are hand-me-downs and some theft of parts, likely also due to their modular nature and thus re-usable value.

For energy the bodies use grease, which they seem to consume by pouring it down their neck.

Society Review

This movie also had one of the more realistic robot societies, with both a parts and energy economy.
There were of course some plot holes, for-example in a restaurant they had plates, but everyone consumed grease, so it didn’t really make sense to have anyhting other than cups.
Also one of the perhaps unsettling components of the movie was that there was a monopoly on manufacturing — which granted was the main problem in the story.
In the real world the race of market leaders to produce new products, does make older ones obsolete, and unsupported by the original manufacture, but at that point usually others step in to fill the void of making spare parts. For instance can often get spare power batteries and power supplies on eBay.


In conclusion it was a good robot scifi movie, especially for a family or children to watch.


It is a 90 minute movie to watch.
You can support us by getting a copy through this link:
Robots (Full Screen Bilingual Edition)

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