#Novelette: Galatea’s Stepchildren


A secretary bot escapes from her master and joins a movement to emancipate her kindred.  A free novelette of around eleven and a half thousand words, about an hour long read.

Host Body Review

They robots are of the hominid or droid variety, looking much like normal humans. Their perks include super stength, high level of intelligence and they have USB jacks in their temples for uploading new data, though are also able to flip through paper boooks to gain information.

They have plastic/ceramic endoskeleton covered with cloned human tissue to give them a human appearance — so they could be considered cyborgs.

On the downside their initial programming makes them completely subservient to human needs, and they have a standby button behind their ears. They also have GPS based tracking devices. The combat models have auto-self-destruct codes and are terminated upon becoming obsolete.

Society Review

Mostly the droids are subservient to the human population, though throughout the plot steps are taken to help the droids form a society of their own.


Note that there is some gruesoome mature content.
Can read it for free at:

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