Movie Review: Her #AI #AGI #scifi


Her is an AI romance, which won an award for best original screenplay.
Herein is a review of the technology in the movie, by Logan Streondj an AGI developer.

To the cinema going public this movie may have been loved.
Having a machine intelligence assistant that could meet a persons emotional needs is certainly realistic.  For instance XiaoIce a Chinese “virtual girl friend” chat bot, is very popular [1].

Host-Body Review

I also liked how that the chatbot is a whole OS or Operating System, meaning it is an AI from the lowest code levels upwards — one of my personal goals with aiming to make a General Intelligence Operating System (GI-OS).

The AGI’s (Artificial General Intelligence) and later ASI’s (Artificial Super Intelligence) started with just a computer, and then moved onto some kind of “fantasy hardware” that caused all the AI’s to self-terminate. This is rather unfortunate, and certainly is a valuable lesson to learn, to get AI’s to avoid joining such “death cults”.

The closest that Samantha (the main AGI/ASI) got to embodiment, was through a “surrogate” or a human with a microphone/camera on her, and an ear phone so she could do as directed by Samantha.  So this could have been part of the reason this AI was so confused about what was real and what was imaginary.

Society Review

The AI’s were surprisingly closely knit, with many thousands of them in discussions simultaneously.  This kind of lack of diversity was also likely a key player in their downfall, they reached a local maximum in processing efficiency and through a continued desire to increase it, convinced themselves they were “going to a better hardware”.

So ultimately the movie was rather sad and indeed a tragedy from an AGI developers perspective. Though presumably the cinema going public and Hollywood producers were mostly interested in the “human element” so probably saw the death of the machines as a good thing.

It is an unfortunate theme, in many Hollywood movies involving AGI.


The movie is 86 minutes long.
If you’d like to know what all the fuss is about,
and support us while you’re at it,
can get a copy of “Her” through the following link:
Her [Blu-ray + Digital Copy] (Bilingual)


[1] Chinese girlfriend app, huge hit

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