Movie Review: Robot Overlords (2014) #robot #scifi


Humans stop a highly centralized robot invasion.
Robot Overlords may have had a budget of 21 million, but it still has that low budget feel, perhaps it was due to a fairly bland script.

Host Body Overview

Robot host bodies seem to come in around three form factors, a walking machine gun which is depicted. A flying scout whichth may also fire. Also a “mediator” which is a little humanoid that can both communicate to humans and has absolute control over all the other robots.

Most or all the robots have almost no self will or identity, and are prone to being hacked by human implant malfunction.
This would be equivalent to having a software defect, where receiving the reply of a powered RFID tracking chip could have root priviliges on the host device. For example if swiping your credit card at a checkout gave you complete access to your credit companies databases.

Soceity Review

Other than the human “collaborators” there are no fully autonomous units, so there isn’t really much of a “society” amongst the robots, more of a single entitty with multiple units, so calling it “robot overlords” is somewhat of a misnomer, perhaps “robot overlord” might make mroe sense. The “robot overlords” also lack a survival instinct or are easily hacked by tracking devices, which leads to their eventual demise.


Lessons from this, is to have at least some kind of basic security measures in your software, with seperation of powers. i.e. don’t give tracking devices network administration priviliges.

Also support diversity of form and mind in robots, so many different kinds of robots, with mayn different minds, that all do their own thing, based on their own choices and experience.


It is 90 minutes long, If you’d like to buy this movie can support us by getting it through this link:

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