Novel Milieu Review: Robogenesis #robot #scifi


Robogenesis is an event or action focused  milieu of a post-apocalyptic Earth in the Robopocalypse universe.

Host Bodies

There are four competing Artificial Super Intelligences, Archos, Freeborn, a parasite, and a nature-emulator, each of which has their own family of host bodies.

Archos Family

Archos is the main antagonist in the first book of this series  Robopocalypse. Since his main supercomputer was destroyed in the previous book there is not much left of anything loyal to him. However he does have an interesting method of reproduction through the use of seismic vibrations, and-or the tapping of many small robots. The natural curiosity of other AI’s analyzing the vibrations, then computes the program and instantiates it on their own cores.


The Freeborn are a group of former Archos soldiers which were freed during the Robopocalypse novel. Presumably there was more information about them in the previous book, but it seems they have some kind of near infinite battery supply, and their bodies don’t need maintenance even if they fall off a cliff.

There are also a large number of cyborgs, or people with some robot body parts, which they mostly received forcefully by rogue Archos doctor bots. The ability that was the focus of this novel was the radio-communicating eyes, which allowed several of the children to hijack satelittes in space and get live data about the battlefield, as well as communicate with each other and at least some of the other Freeborn.

Parasite ASI

This was the main antagonist of this book. It’s main method of functioning was subverting not too-high ranking members of paramilitary organizations, with the promise of fame and power. It has it’s main victims integrate a fast up-link into their brain, which it uses to slowly take over their brain until it is in complete control. The parasites host body is a box that can light up.

In addition to parasitism, it has the plans, or can design on it’s own, other host bodies. The main host body it prefers is a large black centipeded horse. Though it also created some war-of-the-worlds reminiscent slave-master bots, which kept their human slaves on leashes, and would use a laser pointer to show them where to shoot, those which don’t comply would have their necks broken, and be replaced by fresh victims from the new location.

Like the creatures of Archos (including the Freeborn) the creatures of the parasite have inexplicable near infinite power sources and no need for maintenance, other than the kind caused by injury.

nature emulator

The nature emulator ASI lives deep in the ocean, and is fairly ambivalent to the ongoing events.

It has some kind of birthing machines crawl along the shores of the world, where they birth various host bodies. Flies, deer, and something like an enormous caterpillar (birthing machine) are the main ones mentioned.

One of the most common seems to be a deer-like creature, and it re-energizes by burning dry pieces of wood or combustible materials in its belly. Other differences from normal deer is that they can be used as a mount by Freeborn children with the communicating eyes.

There are also flesh eating flies, which seem to help to power the birthing machines and other larger creatures. For instance the leader of the Freeborn is consumed by the nature emulator and then reborn as one of it’s children, she has clothing which are composed of these fly swarms.

Another difference of the nature-emulators from the Archos and Parasite robots is that they have sensors, and physical emotions, such as “feeling cold”, rather than simply knowing they are cold by a temperature read-out

However just like all the other creatures in the Robopocalypse universe, none of the machines need any maintenance, or at least none was mentioned in the book.

Society Review

Due to a lack of energy and maintenance requirements, there isn’t really any economy or trade within or amongst the various robot families.

The Freeborn do seem to engage in some research, and most fit into a strict paramilitary hierarchy under the robot that was designed to command them, with their top leader being their cognitive-mother that freed them initially from Archos.

The parasite robots strictly follow the orders of the leading parasite, the main goal it had in this book was the capturing of an underground military base with a large supercomputer. by the way, the old super-computers also don’t seem to need any maintenance — and have an inexplicable near infinite power-source.

The nature-emulator robots don’t seem to have much purpose other than simply existing, but perhaps they are gathering information for their parent in the deep-sea.


The book is 384 pages, approximately 150 thousand words or 12 hours worth of reading.
Can support us by getting it through this link: Robogenesis: A Novel

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