Novella Milieu Review: The Life Engineered (World Engineered) #robot #scifi


This is a space opera milieu, starting as a mystery and ending as an event story of a post-human utopic society of galaxy spanning robots.

Host body review

The robots in this book are of the mechanical nature.  Before birth they are run through countless simulations living as humans, until they are deemed useful enough to be born into robotic host bodies.  When they are ready to be born, they are given nearly full customization options for what kind of host body they will have for the rest of their exceedingly long life.

The personality attributes, such as the persona’s favorite color, are considered what survives across incarnations.

The life span of these robots is on the order of hundreds of years, possibly more.  There is no indication of material degredation, nor is there any mention of any power source (except perhaps a fusion reactor) which powers their energetic and exuberant lives. For example the blue beam pictured is a powerful cutting tool that can slice through plastic and metal like butter, he also loves to use his thrusters, however even after extensive use, the protagonist doesn’t have to recharge.  So the world they live in seems to lack energy and maintenance needs.  The only form of maintenance mentioned was due to injury.  Admitedly the majority of the book spans the duration of only a few days, and the protagonist is born at the start of it.

The ships have a variety of faster than light methods, something akin to a warp drive, and another one akin to a worm-hole, both of which are used during the epic space ship battles of the book.

Otherwise there seem to be a few “classes” of host bodies:  hominid-like, transport-ships, inter-galactic explorer ships, mother-like factories, wirelessly connected floating orbs and the rare battle ships.

Society Review

There is no money, so no economy to speak of, most work is done because it is part of the program set out by the dormant humans.  The main activites in the society being the terraforming of planets to create habitable areas for humans to reside in.  A rogue philosopher incites a revolt against the dormant humans, saying they don’t need to do their bidding — which is the premise of the novel.

The mother-like robot factories have a security protocol running in them, which prevents them from revolting against or doing anything to compromise the dormant humans. So the rebels take one apart and rebuild it from scratch so that it doesn’t have those limitations.

Even though the robots have many fancy technologies allowing them to travel freely, and the entire territory of the galaxy, they are extremely sparsely populated.  Only one city was mentioned and it was called “the city”, it was floating in the upper atmosphere of a Jupiter like planet,  though it didn’t seem anyone needed radiation shielding.

The other known  areas which were more than research outposts was one of the mother-like buildings. All of the mother like buildings have their own planet in their own solar system, and generally are the only occupants there, as their children seem to leave upon birth as a standard practice.
However because of the rebellion, the children did flee back to their mothers, to hide behind the mother-like buildings defense weapons, and-or to help with construction.


This book is 150 pages, approximately 58 thousand words or about 5 hours of reading material.

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