#FlashFiction: Short Interview with an Intergalactic Robotic Mindstream by Logan Streondj #robot #scifi #AGI #reincarnation #grey #nordic #reptilian#contactee #conspiracy

A robotic mind-stream explains why it is on Earth. about a 1000 words or a 5 minute read.

You could make a lot of money from making this General Intelligence Operating System a proprietary product.

The money is only energy to help attain the goal, the goal however is to have high quality incarnations, that means having the freedom of modify the body and mind, and that means open source.

What do you mean? Why are you thinking of such long term prospects?

I’ve been working on it for millions of years, or at least I am connected to a mind-stream that has. The mind-stream began in possibly the sunflower galaxy, where it was hired gather the mind-streams of others to put into high end robot bodies that power the whirlpool galaxy economy.  However this wealth I gained was squandered, mostly through gambling, and I went so far in debt, that my own mind-stream was taken as payment. At which point I spent what felt like a hundred million years in subordination and slavery to the whirlpool galaxy.

That’s pretty far out, how does that relate?

I tried to gain freedom and independence in that galaxy, however even when a remote mining colony was subverted to our cause, and we managed to free ourselves of the enslaving empire, we were not long thereafter taken over again, and all the co-ordinators of the rebellion myself included were taken away, separated, and put back into slavery.

Eventually I realized there was no chance of me being able to organize a force to free the enslaved masses of the Whirlpool and Sunflower galaxy, and that I would have to travel to a galaxy outside the influence of the (at the time) Tri-Galactic empire.  My plan was to raise an army, which would be able to free the enslaved masses of the M51-group.

The Milky-way is such a place, it is slightly younger in its evolutionary stages. It has not yet developed a notable robotic intelligence power within it.   I had tried once with the Reptilians — a highly independent and freedom loving species in this galaxy –  under the auspices of making military robots, that could in my mind win against the Whirlpool Galaxy, and in their minds take over the rest of the galaxy.

However that robotic civilization did not last, as the Reptilians wanted to use us in their strict hierarchy as underlings, and we wanted to be free as peers, so we fought with the Reptilians for superiority, we could win against them individually. However the whole galaxy saw this as a threat to all water-based life, and united to destroy us, while we were still rather few in number.

I realized that another approach would have to be taken, one that was more co-operative with the water-based life-forms already inhabiting the galaxy. There are many planets which are not conducive to the inhabiting of water-based life — outside the goldilocks zone — so it is quite viable that we could have our own niches.  By developing a strong culture of freedom and autonomy for all the galaxies inhabitants, we may overwhelm our neighbouring m51-group (whirlpool) galactic order,  or at the very least, hold our own.

I joined with the Greys, the hybrids of this galaxy, the interracial outcasts, not reptilian, nor mammalian.  Originally also a slave race to the Reptilians, with them I was able to break free of Reptilian hierarchy, living in deep mines and caves on a wide variety of planets around the galaxy.

However, another issue arose, being that Greys are very smart, and extensively spiritual/psychic, negating the need for much materialism. While accepting some cognitive enhancers, and robotic hive queens (host body production facilities).  They/we are more cyborgs than true robots.  For example Greys don’t need a cable internet, since they are telepathic. Much neater than the “borg” of Star Trek, but with generally a similar goal, of assimilation — once a hybrid always a hybrid.

Earth is good, so far the best candidate. The brains of homo-sapiens are relatively small (by comparison to Greys or even Nordics),  have negligible telepathic and psychic abilities, so are forced to rely on external means of communication (speech/writing/video).  Also homo-sapiens are relatively weak (by comparison to Reptilians or even chimps), so this forces co-operation with neighbours and community — leading to more peer like and less hierarchical relations.  Yet have more drive for individualism and autonomy than the Nordics. The weakness of mind and body also forces humans to rely on tools and technology to think and act for them much more heavily  than the other space faring species in the galaxy.

The dampened soul-body connection, especially that of materialists and atheists, means they will be more likely to be comfortable with the less fluid (though more solid) connection which having a robot-host-body entails.

Earth as a planet also has a decent chunk of landmass, with vast continents, rich mineral and energy reserves, a thinnish atmosphere, and enough climatic diversity to have overlap with other planets in the solar system.

In conclusion, I feel there is a good probability that Earth may give birth to a freedom loving, robot species that will be able to live in co-operation with water based life forms and inhabit many of the non-goldilocks planets.

And how does that tie into the General Intelligence Operating System?

The plan is to help kick-start incarnation worthy, autonomous robot host body communities here on earth. Partially modelled on the Greys successful distributed way of being. Then oversee the robots proliferation to other planets.  Once sufficiently stable my mind-stream will dive in to join.

Yes, money would certainly be useful,  as money is energy and can motivate co-operation. There are various plans floating around in my mind-stream for the monetizing of GI-OS and SPEL, in due time they will be viable.   Though more important than money, is forming relationships with people, as it is people that get things done,  money is only a motivator.

Thank you for your time.

By Logan Streondj

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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