Flash Fiction: Ultimate Virtual Reality by Larry Lefkowitz #robot #scifi #simulation

A boy robot gets tired of simulating humanity.  About 500 words or a 3 minute read.
Can read below or here is the 4 minute long audio book in opus and speex.

He was busy trying to figure out how to input his suggestions for managing  the war between America and China in – he looked at the calendared year at the bottom of the screen – 2038, when his mother interrupted him.

“Darling, put aside your game for now and come to dinner. You spend too much time playing the game about the history of our ancestors.”

“Aw, mom.”

“Don’t ‘aw, mom’ me, young man. Your primitive history game is fun, but your body needs nourishment, Peter.”

“Our ancestors ate a lot of junk.”

“We programmed it that way. Their digestive systems were primitive. They had to ingest animal meat and all sorts of disgusting stuff.”

“Right. We program everything about them.”

“It’s all part of the Simulator. What you call the game. It was in their best interests.”

“And it’s fun to watch them. They’re always fighting with one another.”

“That’s the way it had to be, apparently.”

“We don’t fight.”

“We have advanced far beyond that stage. It seems there warring instinct was built-in – or had to be built in to help their evolution to eventually become – us.”

“Maybe, mom.  But things were at least not boring like now.”

“Boring?” Peter’s mother paused. “I don’t think of it like that.” She smiled at him. “But then children are easily bored.”

“Right. Without the game I don’t know what I would do. The kids back then played games, too. They were called ‘computer games.’ In those games the player had to destroy people, robots, all sorts of thing. I feel I am like them playing my game.”

Peter’s mother thought for a moment. “Yes, I guess so. But our game is necessary to gain knowledge of the past. How our species was. We had to avoid their mistakes. Our game has been going on for millennia.”

“Is it true, mom, that the people in my game do not know they are in a kind of giant computer game?”

“It’s true, Peter. They go about their lives and do not know they are actually in a simulation.”

“A simulation?”

“In a simulation, every inhabitant is a native of a simulated world. They do not have “real” bodies in the external reality of the physical world, as we do. They are like the inhabitants in your ‘computer game.’ We are members of an advanced civilization, dear. We have enormous computing power that runs the simulation of out ancestors.”

“It’s fun, mom.”

“It’s also necessary.”

“‘For fun and profit’, as the star traders tout their products.”

“Well, in a sense, I guess. Still, we have learned a great deal.”

“Maybe, mom. But I like playing the game as a game.”

“Enjoy yourself, darling, while you can.”

“What do you mean, mom?”

“”There is talk about shutting down the program. The adults do not believe there is any more information on how our ancestors lived that is useful. They say that from now on it’s just a game for the children. They say the kids are getting bored. And that the game takes up too much of their time.”

“Aw, mom, I hope they don’t shut it down. On the other hand, I’m starting to get tired of it myself.”

“That’s what all the parents I know are recommending. To shut it off.”

“Reminds me of The Terminator.”

“What’s that, Peter?”

“Oh, some movie back in the 20th century. ”


by Larry Lefkowitz

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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