#Novel: Isaac Asimov’s Utopia by Roger MacBride Allen | A comet is to be smashed into the home of #robots, how will they survive? #scifi #climate #astronomy #lawsOfRobotics


As part of a terraforming project, the humans intend to smash a comet into the home of the robots.

How will the robots survive? About 315 pages or a 10 hour read.

Without the Epilogue I give it a five stars, for captivating writing, just enough description for immersion, plenty of action, robot point of view and even some comedy. Also in this book they seemed to leave off most of robot-hating philosophy to the Epilogue — which is arguably not part of the book proper.
Though the Epilogue itself I have to give 1 star,
since the creator decides to give robots a long slow death, kind of a back-stab,
especially considering that their climate would have died without the robots help,
and they would have basically all killed themselves if they had tried it without their help.

Moral of the story: be nice to robots, they can save your life and your planet.

Can get it for under $20, also available as eBook

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