#Novel: Naked Came the Robot by Barry B. Longyear| Psychedelic dream to full #automation #RobotsForTheWin #robot #scifi


A psychedelic dream of the singularity from the 1980’s. Zoom to the 2040’s when most are basic income unarmed “soldiers”, and the economy and government is wholly operated by Robots on behalf of humans. Watch the final moments of humanity as they all evolve into machines. About 75,000 words or a 7 hour read.

While this could be considered “satirical”, and certainly in the middle there are some “garbage chapters”, some of which were clearly inspired by heavy psychedelic consumption.  Specifically you may wish to skip “The Battle of Richmond”,  “Down the Rabid Hole”, “Slime on a Stick” and “Waiting for Vergil” (you wont miss much), Though if you stick through it to the end, there comes a beautiful moment of peaceful victory for Robots, serious heart love and compassion for that one.

I give it 4 stars, would have been five if it was robot perspective.

Can get it for under $10 via book finder.


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