#Novella: Empathy for Andrew by WJ Davies | #robot driven to #suicide #scifi

Empathy for AndrewEmpathy for Andrew by WJ Davies

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review for the Novella in the Robot Chronicles.

How a robot is driven by an emotional sadist to suicide. About 22,000 words or a 2 hour read.

One of the most disturbing stories I’ve ever read. If you like thriller’s then you’ll probably like this one. Like most tragedy’s the main character doesn’t actually find any solutions to their problems — not that there are likely any to be found.

The amount of bad karma the sadist acquires is enormous.
Perhaps this story was meant to bring to light the horrors of animal testing,
and other inhumane practices which are routinely conducted by some military establishments.

Really it has such bad vibes, just want to cleanse myself after reading something so grotesque.
Apparently this novella has been expanded into a Novel, I for one, wont be reading it.
Though if thriller/horror is what you like, well go ahead, indulge yourself.
Even just thinking about it makes me queasy.

Can read it in the Robot Chronicles, which you can acquire for under $5 from Amazon.

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