#Review #Video: Year Million by National Geographic, Episode 1| A documentary of our robotic future #futurism #scifi #documentary #robot #AI

I rate it 5 of 5.  A documentary of our possibly robotic futures. About an hour long to watch.

Nothing really objectionable, it covers most of the main points.  It mentions the robots taking over the world possibility, also the robots living with humans possibility, though it doesn’t mention the also realistic possibility that robots may wish to live separately from humans in non-liquid-water eco-regions.

I consider it overly optimistic in regards to uploading and nanobot enhancement,  and at the same time somewhat pessimistic in timelines for automation, but all that is to be expected, none of us can really predict the future and are bound to disagree. They take most factors into account.

here is the official video link: http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/year-million/

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