#Free #Video: Seam by Master Key | A #robot #android makes a run for the #machine #homeland #scifi

A synthetic human and her boyfriend make a run for the machine homeland. About 20 minutes long.

Can watch it in full on Vimeo

SEAM – The Film from Master Key on Vimeo.

It’s interesting to see that robots are popular in arabic speaking countries also.  This movie set the “Machine Homeland” to be in the north west of Saudi Arabia, where there are currently several wild life reserves and conservation areas. Likely because they could film there for free, and are from Saudi Arabia.

I kinda like the “desert homeland” of the machines idea, as I’ve been promoting a similar idea. Though I wouldn’t promote a conservation area, we have few enough of those as it is.  Better would be a place like Tanezrouft (land of thirst) which is pretty much devoid of water-based life because it is too hot and dry.

Only thing I found somewhat confusing is that when the androids get emotional they spontaneously explode — a rather unusual feature. Though it likely fits in with the narrative of the suicide bomber which is popular enough in the Arabic world.

There are many unanswered questions, like what lies beyond the crab like guardians of the machine homeland.  Perhaps that would be revealed in a follow up.

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