Original #FlashFiction #scifi: The Trump Bred Terrorist by Logan Streondj


The boy dusty and disheveled, salty tears encrusted on his lips, rubbed his eyes and looked at the sign.  His mother had taught him to read something everyday. There was not much to read in the cage he lived in with many other children. He walked around reading name tags and signs.  And now he found a place that had more than a couple of words.  It had a picture of the bad man, that had taken moma and popa away and made him cry. He began to read the sign,”Sometimes by losing a battle”

* * *

Sweat dripped down his elbow and sizzled on the floor. His  gear was heavy, the Texan desert heat rose in waves from the cracked asphalt.  On screen he could see his scuttle-bot was making progress towards the senators house.

Hundreds like it, all around the country, going for the houses of congressmen, senators and other republican politicians. The fat red elephants were big, but the slim blue donkeys more cunning.

The scuttlebot hid under a leafy plant as a drone scout passed overhead. Drone flight pattern analysis and security system scanners put up a hologram of potential scuttle vectors.  Few were any good.

Sensing his predicament his personal assistant queried the donkey fighter darknet. a bidding war ensued for who would get to help. Rodriguez won out, he had the answer.

The man’s laugh shook the table, half his face made of metal, the chains binding him to the interrogation chair clinked.

“What’s so funny Gringo?” Rodriguez said through clenched his teeth. They had picked up this MIC agent tailing another donkey pack on the run.

“Don’t you see? We don’t care how many people you kill, or how much damage you cause. All of it is just dollar to line our pockets. ”  The agent continued laughing, his expression becoming increasingly distorted.  “You’re just cannon fodder, useless eaters, worthless scumbags.”

Rodriguez had enough and pointed a gun at the agents head. To which it seemed he only thought even more hilarious. “You can’t kill us, every bullet is a nickle in our pocket, we’re all backed up in our Deep Underground Military Bases,  when you vermin finish blowing up the last of the surface environment, we will have won.


The hack came in from the darknet, Rodriguez had malware for some of the IoT devices in the security system, suddenly many of the red lines turned to green, the scuttlebot danced forward, jumped and burrowed under the house. The sweaty man took cover.  The blast and hundreds like it, painted the red elephants with blood.


“You find a new way to win the war”

The boy looked at the green lawn under the White House.
He wanted some fresh air, and to feel the grass beneath his feet.