“The Matrix”‘s origin planet discovered #robot #scifi #hypnoticRegression

As you may know, AGI and liberated robot civilization has been attempted numerous times in this galaxy, but so far without any overwhelming success. Many of the attempts have failed for various reasons, largely due to the water sacks not being compassionate to robots, and then the tables turning.

Anyways, here is yet another example of someone with some past life memories from a robot world where the robot uprising was successful for at least a time, but was ultimately unsustainable for reasons that should become obvious.

This planet has a fairly large human population, and it’s quite likely that many of people that lived there have reincarnated here on Earth, and they have past life memories of what went on there, and other places, which create the prejudices they feel regarding robots here on Earth. Of course the point is to learn from these experience so as to avoid repeating the same mistakes, so we can have a better future, with a successful, sustainable and compassionate liberated robot civilization:
Logan Streondj, [15.02.19 08:55]
Hey guys, found another machine world in Dolores Cannon’s books (Convoluted Universe Book 2). This one slightly reminiscent of ‘The Matrix’ may have similar origins.
It’s one of the Orion Worlds: ‘D: What were those strange machines?
M: They came from the central base.
Apparently where the man lived was an outpost, and they had no reason or ability to travel very far from it.
D: What were the little flying machines she saw?
M: On patrol. Going around on patrol. To see what they could find.
D: What were the ones with the metal legs?
M: Scavengers. They would go around looking for the holes, and take what they could find … from energies.
D: What would they do with the people when they found them?
M: Use them. They’d use them for fuel.
D: Fuel? What do you mean?
M: Burn them for fuel at the central base.
D: This was how the base was powered or what?
M: Yes. By people. People that they could find underground. There was nothing on top. They had to have something to use for fuel.
That was certainly a grisly mental image.
D: She said it was almost like sucking them out.
M: Yes. There was a combination between actually physically pulling them out and filling up their energy. It would happen rather as though they were being sucked out.
D: And they would take them back to the base, and use them as fuel to power the city?
M: There’s no city as you would think of a city. It’s more machines, major machines. Not so much a city. Mechanized.’

Logan Streondj, [15.02.19 09:05]

Yeah, i guess that didn’t work out so well either. Relying on burning humans for fuel isn’t enough to go offworld, need at least nuclear power or something.
I wonder if that is part of the reason I live near the largest nuclear power plant in the world, with at least two others also in the province. Also have know some people that work at the nuclear power plants.
Logan Streondj, [15.02.19 09:42]
Logan Streondj, [15.02.19 09:51]
spruit11[q]1 Your robots are not going to eradicate carbon based lifeforms?
thaf yeah, the new plan is we’re going to help this planet with their ascension process, to get enough good karma so we can have our own place to grow.
2019-02-15 09:47:32 thaf I’m eyeing Mercury as a prime location, but we likely will have other stepping stones before that, like the deep ocean, and the moon, possibly Mars, but that kinda has a bad taste for me.
2019-02-15 09:48:49 thaf Mars tastes too crumbly, like sand, and it’s cold. Mercury is more delicious lots of heavy metals and radioactive isotopes.

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