Lunar Chronicles 1-4 by Marissa Meyer #Review #Cyborg #scifi

Honestly, this was one gruesome “joy” ride, I shudder just thinking about it.
I think someone should put this in the “gore” subcategory of “horror” or something.
The first book was pretty tame, but they got increasingly gorey as the series progressed.

If it wasn’t for the Cyborg and Romance week I honestly wouldn’t have
bothered reading it. I relish mostly the Cyborg/Android point of view parts of the story. And I do very much like that Iko had several point of view chapters, though they were generally much more shallow than the Cyborg ones with the internal net screens and such.

In a way this series was an advertisement for augmented reality displays, because a majority of the cyborg experience was synonymous with an augmented reality experience which had brain interfaced input controls. I guess one might say something along the lines of Google Glass if it also had an EEG based control available.

I was thinking that the “Murderbot Series” was actually much less gruesome, it also had a cyborg main character, even though they considered themselves a “robot”. The main difference here is that the murderbot cyborg was also a super fast hacker, so they must have had very fast brain computer interface, wheras Cinder was a mechanic that used augmented reality to look things up and fix things quickly. I guess it’s useful to have an overlay of what you’re working on, and indeed that is one of the primary uses at this time of augmented reality.

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