Novel: Prototype Exodus by Jason Morrow | Robots escape from the last city of humans.

Prototype Exodus (Prototype D #2)Prototype Exodus by Jason D. Morrow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It had a good ending, though the characters could use more forgiveness and compassion, especially for Elroy. It is an expansion of the first book Prototype D, and the good news is that there are a lot of robots. About 100k words, or 7 hour read at 250wpm.

There are only a few robot models, and each model has a representative character.  There is Prototype D,  Elroy has 2 or 3 bodies depending on how you count throughout the book, and there is another robot character that is fairly fleshed out as well.

Prototype D becomes somewhat of a moses figure near the end, and Elroy the powerful becomes the guy who doesn’t want to let them go.

Interesting story innovations was that they made some robot-proof cages, and the majority of robots were unknowingly undergoing memory wipes with every update to keep them inline.

Personally I think it would be worthwhile if there was a sequel that explored how robot city developed afterwards, cause there are a huge number of things that need to happen rather quickly to support a functioning robot factory and repair centre. Though hopefully someone will explore that in a future book, perhaps even me.

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