Synchnotron II: Politician in the 2100’s #robot #scifi #hypnosis #reincarnation

In the Early 80’s Dr. Helen Wambach hypnotically progressed several groups of people to 2100’s and beyond. Dr Chet Snow later reviewed the research and made a book called “Mass Dreams of the Future”.

Many of the visions were in line with the scifi of the times. Some lived on space stations, eating capsule food, some lived New Age hippie lifestyle, others lived in domed cities, and yet others carried on in a Mennonite style — most of the Earth side or Terran life times were post-apocalyptic.

I found one person who saw himself living as a robot in the future. So I include the excerpt here:

“Another Hi-tech subject compared his future life to that of a “conscious, intelligent machine.” Seemingly androgynous, even his name “Synchnotron II,” was mechanical-sounding. Everything in his “emotionally cold” futuristic city was built along “rigid geometric lines” with “no superfluous architecture.” It was cold and barren outside with “very little vegetation.” Food consisted of computer-dispensed “powdery nutrients” and was eaten in communal dining areas.

“Apparently a politician, Synchnotron II stated that his purpose was to “learn to deal with leading crowds.” The evening before an election he saw himself giving an “impassioned, persuasive speech” to a large group of fellow citizens. At another point he found himself part of a city delegation establishing contact with a “higher-level, nonearthly civilization.” Nonetheless, when he finally chose to die at the advance age of 100, he retained a “frustrating feeling of wanting to do more” in that life. He felt he was “going on to new tasks” in future incarnations after death.

If you’d like to read more visions of the future, like how life may be in space can order the book from Dr. Chet Snows site or wherever you like to get books.