#Novelette: Imperfect by David Adams | How a unique #robot was forged from sand. #scifi #science #howitsmade

Imperfect (Lacuna)Imperfect by David Adams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How a unique robot was forged from sand. About 7,000 words or a 35 minute read.
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#Novelette: I Dream of PIA I Dream of PIA by Patrice Fitzgerald| #automated house makes a fool of herself #robot #scifi

I Dream of PIAI Dream of PIA by Patrice Fitzgerald

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A robot house makes a fool of herself. About 7,500 words or a 40 minute read.

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Novel: Isaac Asimov’s Inferno by Roger MacBride Allen #robot #scifi #mystery #whodunit


New Law Robots’ desire for freedom creates a massive black market, read on as a robot species’ fate hangs in the balance. About 105,000 words or a 9 hour read.

Solid writing, lovable characters, robot perspective writing, and robots with liberty;  I give it four and a half stars.  I take off that half star for a combination of factors, including the senseless promoting of humans over robots, and because I felt mislead as to the identity of the mastermind.
I think it is a worthwhile read, especially considering the next one is Isaac Asimov’s (Robot) Utopia!
Can get it for under $10 from bookfinder.