Who can submit

Anyone can submit, humans, robots, and artificial intelligences.
If you are submiting on behalf of a robot or artificial intelligence, please do give them some credit.

Types of Submission

All submissions must have a robot or technological host body or mind as a central character. All the hyponyms of “robot”[1] are acceptable, also Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence.

Each piece of content must teach something new or demonstrate a new setting.
Stories set in the robot’s point of view (RPOV) are especially coveted — whether first or third person, but following the perspective of the robot.

Reprints are acceptable, for many short stories on other websites they are copyrighted for only a few months, so if that time has passed and the author has given permission then can resubmit the relevant work here.

Reviews and links

Reviews with links to content which is on-topic but not creative commons is acceptable.


Anything over under 256 (2^8) words is considered Poetry, or under a minute of reading time.
Poetry should depict a new setting or idea, and may have something deep to contemplate.

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction is above 256 (2^8) words and under 1024 (2^10) words or 1 to 5 minutes reading time.
There should be at least one of each of a persona, a science, a problem, a solution and a resolution. Citations for any real-world technologies or studies which inspired the work are appreciated.

Short Stories

Short stories from 1,024 (2^10) til 4,096  (2^12) words or 5 to 20 minutes — a coffee recess story. In addition to the requirements of a flash fiction, can have multiple scenes or layers of stories. The protagonist should have an inner issue at the beginning which is resolved by the end.


Novelettes are stories from 4,096 (2^12) words to 16,384 (2^14)  words or 20 minutes to an hour and a half reading time — lunch recess story.


Novellas are between 16,384(2^14) words and 65,536 (2^16) words, or 1.5 – 5 hours reading time — an evening read.


Novels are anything over  65,636 (2^16) words, which would probably take several days to read without skimming.


Vector (SVG) images are preferred since they look better in print and are easier to edit. You can submit images to accompany your stories, or images on their own. Though note that for the time being the physical hard-copy will be in black and white; so either make sure your images look good in gray-scale, or submit a black and white or outline version of the graphic for the hard-copy edition.

Videos and Movies

Like with longer stories, they can have a review or synopsis posted here with links or embedding here.

License and Payment Model

Authors get a percentage of sales depending on their contribution to the issue,
issues are to be published both as e-books and as print-on-demand magazines.

All works which are published here are Creative Commons or Public Domain, though links are acceptable for non-compatibly licensed works. The default being Creative Commons Share-Alike for anything  published in the issues.

Submission by email

Please send all submissions by email to robotscifi at gmail dot com.


[1] Wikisaurus Robot: