Lunar Chronicles 1-4 by Marissa Meyer #Review #Cyborg #scifi

Honestly, this was one gruesome “joy” ride, I shudder just thinking about it.
I think someone should put this in the “gore” subcategory of “horror” or something.
The first book was pretty tame, but they got increasingly gorey as the series progressed.

If it wasn’t for the Cyborg and Romance week I honestly wouldn’t have
bothered reading it. I relish mostly the Cyborg/Android point of view parts of the story. And I do very much like that Iko had several point of view chapters, though they were generally much more shallow than the Cyborg ones with the internal net screens and such.

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#Free #Video: Seam by Master Key | A #robot #android makes a run for the #machine #homeland #scifi

A synthetic human and her boyfriend make a run for the machine homeland. About 20 minutes long.

Can watch it in full on Vimeo

SEAM – The Film from Master Key on Vimeo.

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