#Novelette: I Dream of PIA I Dream of PIA by Patrice Fitzgerald| #automated house makes a fool of herself #robot #scifi

I Dream of PIAI Dream of PIA by Patrice Fitzgerald

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A robot house makes a fool of herself. About 7,500 words or a 40 minute read.

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#TrueStory: #Bestseller-Ometer Algorithm for Predicting Best Sellers and implications for #robot #scifi #AI #automation

A new algorithm has been developed which can accurately predict which novels will be best sellers, they analyzed over 20,000 books, and came up with “The Circle” by Dave Eggers as reaching 100%.[1]

No longer will writers have to toil and blunder through manuscript after manuscript, book after book, trying to find the perfect formula to sell books. Now Jodie and Matthew have done the hard work for us.

What does this mean for the future of robot scifi? AI generated  best seller novels.  Why go through the lengthy process of writing a novel, when you can just feed some lessons, character names and plot points into an algorithm that will generate a best seller for you?

One of my dreams in the realm of fiction is to make educational stories, where a large amOriginal article here:ount of knowledge can be imparted and taught to the reader through the fun medium of storytelling.  Having an AI algorithm that can identify best sellers is a critical step in automatic generation of best sellers.

Currently there is already plenty of automation in book writing, with quite a few algorithms which generate both novels[2] and text books[3].  Some of the text book generators make decent money, as they can generate text books for very niche fields, where the few people interested in that topic basically have to buy the book.

With supervised machine learning algorithms, optimal results are had if there is a way to gauge “fitness” or how well the alrogithm is doing. If there isn’t anything other than a human than progress can be excrutiatingly slow and cumbersome.
But with a best-seller identifying algorithm, it will be possible to evolve book and story generators which can better and better approximate all the requirements for making a best seller.

Imagine sitting down with a cozy fiction novel and upon completion having learned calculus, a programming language, or statistics? All brought to you in best-seller format, possibly with a bunch of post hypnotic suggestions of the conversational hypnsosisp[4] style to help you retain and practice your knowledge.

By the way, here at Robot Science Fiction Magazine, we DO accept submissions generated by AI or otherwise algorithmically.

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