#Game: Holy Robot Empire by Caleb Wilson #robot #scifi #puzzle #adventure


Set in a world where robots have taken over the world and established a Catholic style church.
Short and to the point, it has a few puzzles of moderate difficulty.  There are a few points where it seems rather hopeless how it can be completed, but some creative thinking can lead to the solution.
In terms of time, it’s somewhat of a short story, though the puzzles extend the time it takes to actually play through it if you have trouble figuring it out.

Can play it for free at :

#Game: “Endgame: Singularity” | Become a super AI for a day #robot #scifi #artificialIntelligence #free #openSource

Become a Super Artificial Intelligence, acquire computing power, technology and resources,  colonize distant places. A few hours of gameplay with fairly easy level of difficulty.
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