#Novel: Isaac Asimov’s Caliban by Roger MacBride Allen #robot #scifi #threelaws #robotics #climateChange

The climatological fate of a planet hangs in the balance of a crime investigation. Can you solve it before the sheriff? The clues are there. About 120 thousand words, or an 11 hour read.

New brands of robots with additional¬† liberties are found herein. If you like the throwback to 50’s scifi when Asimov thought the future would be like the American slavery era, except that the slaves would be metal, and people would have flying cars,¬† then this book is for you!

Goodish stuff! Well written. I give it a solid four out of five stars.

Had me glued to it for days even though I’m generally not a fan of mystery novels.

Can get it for under $10 at bookfinder, or maybe free at your local library!